12 January, 2010

HOT FOR 2010: Grey Wedges!!

For those who make the attainment of beauty their life's pursuit, grey wedges are one of the must have shoes for 2010. This classic heel makes for one decadent indulgence you don't have to feel guilty about. These babies right here give you the luxury of pretending that you are a 6 foot supermodel without the aching feet at the end of the day and foot corn at the end of the month.
Combine this style of shoe with the colour grey and you have a master piece.Although it doesn't always get the adoration it deserves, grey is a wonderfully versatile colour when it comes to accessories, and these shoes are no exception. They're simple enough for the office, but would look equally lovely with an after-hours dress.

Yeah, the wedge heel will ensure that they're comfortable for all-day wear but the grey adds enough interest to make them prettier than just a simple wedge!!

How to wear...

Brrrrrr... by Girley featuring Vince

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