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05 June, 2009

Lady Love

Whenever I browse for trendy fashion pieces on the internet I always think about whether I'll be able to wear them and pull them off. I try to get stuff that is wearable in everyday life coz we all know that some designers produce couture pieces that are just too crazy. Sometimes I'll think of things that I have that I can substitute for certain pieces to pull a look off. These looks are very wearable and anyone can pull them off.

Mario Moya Autumn/Winter 2009

Hellz Bellz Summer 2009 collection

Gwen Stefani always had great style and the best thing is that anyone can imitate her style and make it their own. I love her.

Love the hair and sunglasses. So cute and fun.

Acrylick Clothing.
These looks are kinda reminiscent of the skateboard scene around the world. So so cool and very comfortable.

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